How to prepare for your appointment

Helloooo there!

We are super excited to have you in for hair extensions this week but before we get started here’s a little guide on how to best prepare for your appointment.

The night before your appointment please shampoo your hair 3 times( Yes that’s right, shampoo, rinse and repeat twice! )

Do not put any conditioner on!! 

*Please contact Renee if you feel you cannot do this and she will advise on best practice here.

Blast dry your hair WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PRODUCT, in your normal part and tie back if you need to go to work before we see you. 

Please do not use any products on your hair, iron your hair to smooth out or anything other than what is stated above, when you come in for your appointment Renee will do what is needed then.

Looking forward to seeing you in salon shortly

Much love Renee and the Team Xx