Salon FAQ's

What services do you offer?

We offer a range of services including our nationally recognised method of hair extensions, colours, cuts and styling. We believe everyone should walk out of our salon feeling the best they could be and so we will never send you out with wet and un-styled hair!

What are your opening hours?

We are open between 10am and 9pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Saturday we are open between 8am and 4pm.

 How far in advance should I book my appointment?

We get booked up pretty quick and we’d suggest booking at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance. If you do need something sooner we can always pop you on the waitlist and let you know if something earlier comes up. And for the truly organised (🙋‍♀️) we suggest booking multiple appointments ahead to avoid disappointment.

Can I bring my child?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to have your little one here and can even include a song and dance for entertainment!

Do I need a consultation for a new colour look?

If you are not sure what you would like and/or need advice from one of our stylists we would definitely recommend a consultation so we can give you advice and a quote. Education is part of our ethos and we want you to be excited and confident with the whole process.

Do you offer special requests (event / bridal / formal hairstyles)?

We don’t offer special event hair styling at this stage but we are more than happy to point you in the right direction as we know some incredible stylists who would be more than happy to help you out!

 What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 72 hours’ notice notice for all cancellations.
If you cancel or reschedule with less than 72 hours’ notice or if you do not show up to your appointment:
- you will be charged the full amount for the service booked.
- We will also require full payment, upfront, for your next appointment.
- You will forfeit your deposit

If you cancel or reschedule with more than 72 hours’ notice, we will credit your deposit towards your next service.

Do I have to have a wash/blow dry?

As a full-service salon and want you to walk out with dry and styled hair. All our online booking options are packages that include a blow-dry/style. And any colour service you book will be combined with a blow-dry/style as well.

Do you offer tips, product recommendations?

We love educating our clients and want you to be able to maintain your mane yourself in the most low maintenance practical way while being confident doing it! Life can be hard, but we truly believe your hair shouldn’t be.

What in salon payment options do you offer?

We have EFTPOS facilities and you can also pay with cash.

Online Store FAQ's

How quick does my order get sent out?

We aim to have your order out the door within 2 business days. Then we hand it over to the post office and the Australia Post gods are in charge of the rest. We provide tracking with your order so you can keep an eye on when it should get to you.

Will I receive a confirmation of my order?

Absolutely! You get an email confirmation of your order and another one with your tracking number once it has been sent out. If you have any concerns regarding your order don’t hesitate to shoot us a text or email!

How can I get advice about what products would be best for me?

We would suggest, if you are able to, to book a consultation with one of our stylists so they can ask you some questions and assess your hair to give you the best advice.

Do you ship overseas?

At this stage we don’t provide international shipping.

What is the return / exchange policy?

Link to shop policy page

Great Lengths FAQs

How long does my natural hair have to be for extensions?

While the preferred minimum hair length for a successful application of long hair extensions would be 8-10 cm, and for a full head application would be 13-16 cm, it is possible to applyhair extensions on natural hair with as little as 2 cm length, but overall results will vary greatly.

How long does it take to put extensions in?

For lengthening services, the application time can be anywhere from between 3 to 5 hours and volume application can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

How much does it cost?

There is a lot to consider for each individual and their hair extension goals and it is therefore impossible to provide a blind quote. During a consultation, our stylists will meet with you to assess multiple factors, including density of your hair, size of your head and the type of extension best for application (just to name a few). No two applications are the same as the quantity of hair we apply depends on your natural hair and the look you would like to achieve. This is why we offer a free consultation so we can quote for your individual needs

How are the strands attached to the natural hair?

Great Lengths use a patent technology within their bond so that the structure can be molded around the shaft of the hair and customised to fit the shape of the head and direction of the hair. This ensures maximum discretion, comfort and zero damage to your hair.

Is my hair too fine for Great Lengths extensions?

While Great Lengths are able to be customised as a standard, fine or micro hair extension, it is possible that in some cases, clients may not be suitable for extensions. Our stylists are trained to correctly analyse your suitability and devise a plan that is best suited, while considering your hair, hair goals and lifestyle factors. This will be discussed in detail during the consultation and honest advice will be provided.

Don't see your question answered? Email us at or text us on 0439 923 344 and our team will get back to you very shortly!