Meet Renee Yates

Renee is the WA educator for Great Lengths hair extensions. As an accomplished  hairdresser who has worked for over 17 years in the industry, she has a broad range of professional experience including 14 years of working with specialist methods of hair extensions. Renee understands that each client is unique and requires a personalised solution to achieve their desired results. As a trusted expert in the industry, Renee is highly sought after by clients both in Perth and interstate, with many travelling thousands of kilometres to experience her extension application technique. Her repeat clients are testament to her ability to transform hair using Great Lengths.
Great Lengths hair extensions are endorsed by Renee, as it is a premium product, 100% ethically sourced and free from chemical processing. The product that Great Lengths provides has a unique natural texture, giving you an undetectable and natural looking result.

Please feel free to contact Renee to book your consultation appointment for your hair extensions, hairstyles, cut, or colour!