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Summer Hair Care

Summer may be our favourite time of year over here at Renee Yates Hair Extensions, but for our hair extension beauties, it can be challenging to keep your hair extensions just as happy throughout the summer months. Swimming, sunbathing, salt water, chlorine, and not to mention party season can all play havoc on the health and maintenance of your hair. But with the right preparation and care, you can keep your hair as healthy as it was when you left the salon. We have shared our most commonly ask questions below: 


Can I swim with extensions? 

This is a big one! Where you can, we recommend you always keep your hair away from chlorine as this is just one way that your hair can quickly dry out, leading to breakage, colour fading and brittle texture. The best thing you can do for your hair is tie it up in a low bun, and keep it away from the chlorine. we say you can swim at the beach just use anti tap and your hydrating mask when you wash when you get home so you can replace the moisture you are missing from your amazing day frolicking amongst the waves). And on the days where you swim in the ocean just use our anti tap and hydrating mask when you wash you hair at home to replace any moisture loss from your amazing day frolicking amongst the waves. 


How do I protect my hair from UV damage 

It’s not just your skin that needs protection from the UV rays, your scalp and  hair also needs to be guarded from the harsh sun's rays. 

 There are many spray-in treatments you can use to help reject the UV rays from damaging your hair, but the best option is always to wear a hat, especially when you are out in the sun in the peak of the day. 


It's party season? How do I save my hair from the extra heat damage?

You may be tempted to wash, blow-dry and style your hair more regularly throughout the party season, but all the extra heat application can certainly cause unwanted damage to your hair and extensions. 

 Our best advice is to plan out your wash days, always use a quality heat protector, and to style your hair in a way that will hold for multiple days that follow. 

 We love the curled beachy waves this time of year, as we find you can get more days from your blow-wave and curl, with the little help of dry shampoo after days 2-3. This allows you to avoid constant heat application to straighten out any kinks. 

 You can also opt-in for a low pony or bun which not only is a great alternative in the hot weather, but keeps your hair from knotting. 


Keep your vitamins up 

The health of your hair has just as much to do with what's on the inside as it is taking care of the outside. This time of year may have your usually healthy habits and routines a little irregular, and you may find your body will be more inclined to a depletion in important nutrients that keep your hair healthy and glowing, so this is something to be mindful of when thinking about whether you need to supplement your diet with additional support over the season.*

*This does not replace medical advice, please consult your doctor for personalised diagnosis.

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