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By La Biosthétique

Dry Hair Conditioner

Dry Hair Conditioner

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Very dry hair is often caused by external stress factors such as incorrect care, dry air, overly hot blow-drying or (incorrectly performed) chemical treatments. The hair hangs down dull and lifeless; it lacks natural shine and shows clear styling fails. The repairing intensive care conditioner provides a moisture boost and shiny, silky hair. Dry, brittle and stubborn hair is transformed into an impressive, soft mane packed with velvety shine. In addition, it is given lots of moisture and effective protection. Bounce and elasticity are restored to dry, brittle, stubborn hair.

  • Damage to the hair structure is balanced out in a flash and the surface is smoothened.
  • The hair’s original airiness is restored, it feels soft again and looks wonderfully relaxed like after a short holiday.
  • All this without unnecessarily weighing the hair down.
  • The instant hydro lipid effect provides up to 34 percent more softness.
  • The long-term hydro lipid effect provides 24-hour softness.
  • The hydro lipid regeneration effect strengthens the structure after just five applications.
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