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By La Biosthétique

Methode Normalisante Shampoo Hydrotoxa

Methode Normalisante Shampoo Hydrotoxa

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Shampooing Hydrotoxa is a deodorising active shampoo for straggly hair. Mildly cleanses straggly hair and reduces perspiration from the scalp’s pores, maintaining natural volume for longer. Use if exercising, going through puberty or menopause, being under stress... to keep hair fresh and scalp clear for longer.

• Mildly cleanses while reducing perspiration from the scalp’s pores

• Increases hair's natural volume

• Slows sweat production

• Improves hair quality as the amonia in sweat ceases to degrade fine, delicate hair

• Used consistently, the scalp becomes clear and fresh while the ends are given shine

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