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Everything to Consider Before Getting Your Bridal Hair Extensions

We all know it is a bride’s wish to look her best on her very special day. Whether you are looking to add length to your short hair or more volume to your seemingly thin hair, there’s a good chance you’re considering hair extensions to enhance your look. If you are considering getting extensions for your wedding, Great Lengths hair extensions can provide you with the most unique and totally natural look for the perfect wedding pictures. To avoid making common faux-hair mistakes, here are a few tips from Renee Yates, an experienced hairdresser in Perth that should come in handy.

On your wedding day, you want to be assured you look good and feel comfortable while still looking like yourself. Don’t make spur of the moment decisions, avoid making drastic changes to your hair for your wedding ­- especially the colour. Try something unique and classy, so that looking back at your pictures will fill you with joy, not dread.

Get used to your hair extensions by having them applied a few weeks before your wedding, especially if you are new to extensions as this gives you time to get comfortable with them. Try different styling options and make any needed adjustments before your wedding day.

Use a hairdresser who has experience in applying Great Lengths hair extensions – especially one who does it regularly. You can even play with shades and colours to give your extensions lowlights and highlights achieving a well-blended and natural look.

Don’t be afraid to style your hair in an updo on your wedding day because of your extensions. Rather than wearing your hair down the usual way, you can still make a statement with an updo while keeping your newly applied Great Lengths hair extensions hidden from view. With an experienced hairdresser your hair extensions will be applied correctly and customised for the perfect look.

Consult Renee, a professional and experienced Great Lengths hairdresser in Perth about what cut, colour and style of hair extensions best suit your wedding hair needs. Everyone will surely be wowed by the beautiful bride with lovely hair.

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