Why Great Length Extensions? - ​Renee Yates Hairdresser and Extension Specialist Perth

Why Great Length Extensions?

Great Lengths hair extensions are the leading hair extension on

the market, globally and right here in Perth Australia. But what

makes these extensions a hit above the rest?


Hair Extension specialist, and WA educator Renee Yates says

“each step in the Great Lengths journey, from the source through

to the salon, celebrates a story of social responsibility, innovation

and artistic creativity”. Making this product completely unique in

so many ways.


The journey of what we see today started in 1990. The concept

was actually derived from the textile industry, taking inspiration

from the heat transfer system which bonds fabric together on a

molecular level.


Great lengths started testing this method, and later adapting to

hair extensions. This process was focused on creating and

patenting a method that molecularly bonded extensions to the

natural hair with the aim of an extremely resistant but gentle

attachment. Which is why this application is so gentle,

undetectable and essentially damage free to the natural human



GL Production Process

We are extremely proud that all the hair sourced for our Great

Length extensions is only from verified temples in India where the

donors willingly give up their hair in a process called ‘tonsuring’.

The temple then sells the hair to Great Lengths and the funds are

put towards the community. This transaction is direct, 100%

traceable and ethical.


The virgin quality hair is sent to Italy and is tested under an

electron microscope to ensure it has never been dyed, bleached

or chemically treated in any way. This ensures that clients are

receiving only the best quality of hair.

The hair is not only virgin quality, but the process ensures the

extensions only consist of Remy Hair. This is when each bundle of

hair is sewn onto fabric strips to ensure the cuticle is facing the

same way and there is no way the hair can matt or tangle, giving

you the highest durability of the extension.


Over a series of days (up to 28 for the lightest blonde), the hair

sits in osmosis baths where the colour molecules are gently lifted

out the hair; no bleach or nasty chemicals are used in this

process. This is a Great Lengths exclusive technique to ensure

the hair has no damage.


After depigmentation, the hair is recoloured with dyes used on

the most delicate cashmeres. Each colour is mixed and blended

by hand to result in fade free vibrancy.


With the hair in pristine condition, shorter pieces are removed so

that the volume at the roots is the same as at the ends, often

referred to as Double Drawn. There are no uneven pieces

therefore there is no need for a client to purchase as much hair to

gain the full effect of volume from roots to ends.


In the final stop of the Great Lengths Journey, the journey before

it arrives to us in salon, is the adding of the hydrolysed keratin

bonds. These bonds have the flexibility to expand and contract

with water, just like your natural hair. This prevents any pinching

or slippage on your natural hair.


Great Lengths extensions aren’t raved about for no reason, and

we wouldn't want our clients to walk away with anything less

than the quality that is GL.


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