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Let's talk volume

Hair extensions are vastly known for their amazing length transformations, but what about for our amazing clients that have the length but lack the volume?

Renee uses Great Length hair extensions to achieve the most natural results for all her fine and thin hair clients who want to enhance the length they already have without adding any extra stress to their fragile hair.

Perth expert and Educator, Renee says “Part of the consultation process is to establish if using extensions to grow down the natural hair is the best option for the client. We map out how many extensions would be needed to recreate what is missing and still make the hair easy to manage according to the client's lifestyle”.

This is why you will never find us talk about a 'half head, full head' approach when it comes to finding the right amount of extensions for your desired look.


Great Lengths is a stand out choice for fine hair clients

The reason why Great Lengths is a stand out choice for fine hair clients wanting more volume, comes down to a couple key factors:

GL Patent Technology. The bond allows our keratin fibres to expand and contract with your natural hair meaning there is no possibility of damage to your natural hair strand.

The application is completely and uniquely personalised. Over time the hair is designed to shed with your natural hair so that there is not as much weight in the extension compared with your hair that the extension is attached too. This actually allows for natural hair growth - an advantage that no other type of hair extension application has. There are many products which are suitable for a fuller volume look to get the most out of your extensions such as our texture line.

Let us make your hair volume dreams come true. Book your free consultation with Renee today.

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