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Natural Hair Growth

Heat styling by far is the biggest culprit of damaged hair. There are some fantastic thermal protectors on the market these days, but these will only take you so far. The best way to increase natural hair growth is to limit your heat styling to once a week. But how do you do this and keep your hair looking glam all week? 

Shampoo your hair (twice)  

This is the first step to create the best base for the longevity of your hair. By shampooing your hair thoroughly, and twice, you are removing extra oils and product build up that has accumulated on the hair follicle over time. This provides the best base to nourish and condition your with quality products and active ingredients which will support the health of your hair. 

Blow Dry 

When you blow dry your hair, you are stretching out the hair strand reducing tangles and kinks, whilst protecting it from split ends. It also promotes hair volume meaning you won’t feel as though you will be needing extra heat from irons to create this. 

Dry Shampoo 

This is your best friend to keep your natural hair oils at bay. It is one of the best ways to extend the time between washing and therefore heat styling. 

Great Lengths Extensions 

Our clients, prior to their Great Lengths hair extensions, struggled to limit their heat styling, especially our fine hair ladies, with always having to tame the fly away, unruly ends, and attempting to add body even after it was styled. GL hair extensions hold the curl or sleek style for longer periods of time, as the natural hair strand is cocooned inside the bond, This hides oils or makes it seem less significant as there is more hair for the oils to follow through. The cocooned nature of this application is what prevents any further damage to your natural hair.
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