Renee Yates Hair Extensions Technique - ​Renee Yates Hairdresser and Extension Specialist Perth

Renee Yates Hair Extensions Technique

Renee Yates is a leader, educator, and Perth’s professional GL hair extension specialist applying the top of the range Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

With over 20 years experience with Great Lengths, and ongoing dedication to enhance every client's experience, this is truly what marks her as a premium service for extension application.  

The Great Lengths application that Renee specialises in, and also provides  exclusive education and training for other stylists, is based on the Hot Fusion application method. 

This method is damage free to your natural hair, allowing the bond  to expand and contract with water, weather and styling, and naturally grow out with your normal hair cycle. This is Renee’s preferred method for installation as she is able to mold the bond to the scalp and the shape of your head, allowing every single applied hot fusion keratin bond to be exclusively tailored to you. This method is part of what makes up the GL process, and why it is so unique to other hair extension applications that you may come across. 

When you are in Renee’s hands, it really is a first class service for hair. The combination of her extensive knowledge, warm nature, and perfectionism is what enables her to enhance the blueprint application for Great Lengths Extensions with every client, and making the process for you a completely unique experience. The application for every client will differ depending on the current health of your own hair, your lifestyle, at home care preferences, and overall long term hair goals. She will not recommend anything that will not enable you to achieve what you’re wanting to achieve, and has a high level of integrity in her work to deliver only the best for all her clients. 

The versatility in what Great Lengths extensions can do and who they can be used for is vast and wide from the finest and most delicate of hair, including alopecia sufferers, to already thick hair ladies struggling to grow  length, and anyone wanting just a little extra in between. 


On consultation, Renee will discuss with you what is best for your hair type, lifestyle, and expectations. This allows Renee to map out the exact approach to create the hair of your dreams. 


If you’re still on the fence about whether GL is right for you, contact us today.

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