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How to take care of your extensions

You’ve just had your brand new set of Great Length Hair extensions applied, and now you’re all set with your full and lush head of hair. But how do you keep your hair as lush as the day it was applied?

Like all hair extensions, and natural hair for that matter, it sheds over time. The duration of the hair extension cycle can vary anywhere from 3-6 months. But this is heavily dependent on how you take care of your new hair, and the lifestyle factors that contribute to the longevity and the health of your extensions. 

We have dived into our hot tips for you:

Washing your hair with quality shampoo/conditioner 

It all starts with what products you are using on your extensions. Toxic filled supermarket products only cause product build up and damage; so it is best to invest in products that actually support the health of both your natural hair and hair extensions. We recommend our hydrating favourite Sebastian Hydre Shampoo  and Sebastian Hydre Conditioner . Both of these products provide your extensions a hydration boost to nourish and tame dry and frizzy hair from root to end.

Heat Drying & Styling 

Always towel dry your hair after your shower, and try to leave your hair to dry off a little so it’s damp before heat drying.. This allows less heat time on your hair, causing less damage by heating and styling tools. 

We don’t live without our Great Lengths Anti Tap Water treatment and the amazing thermal production spray before any heat styling. Thermal treatments are a great protection for your natural hair and hair extensions, and our GL anti-tap water is an absolute must for all our GL ladies. 

How you brush your hair is also a huge part of maintaining your extensions. Be sure to use an oval extension brush by GL  when you first jump out the shower and a detangler to ensure that you’re not causing any damage to your hair when wet. 

When blow drying, use a round brush with soft bristles to provide a full body and stretch out the hair strands, with a silky finish. 


You can style your GL hair extensions in any way you would your natural hair,  however to get most out of your freshly washed and styled hair:

  • Invest in a silk pillowcase. This prevents static and breakage to the hair, whilst keeping its natural hydration. 
  • Sleep with a loose pony. This also helps the hair strands stay compact as you sleep, preventing tangling and knotting. 
  • Use Anti tap water, and tie up away from the face prior swimming, exercising and sauna use. This allows the hair to expand and soak up with the anti tap water product rather than with the heat, chemical filled or salt water, and sweat which can also cause your extensions to have a shorter life span. 

In the end, your GL extensions are applied with the best quality and care, but the aftercare is what is going to allow you to have your extensions for longer. They are 100% natural hair, and with this comes natural shredding as any hair cycle endures, so don’t be alarmed as your hair naturally shreds with this cycle. If you have any concerns with your hair, or any questions on the best after care and products specially for you, please ask Renee in your next appointment. 

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