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Hair Extension Myths Busted

Hair extensions have been on the market for decades now, and have evolved immensely in that time. Even in the last couple of years alone, the technology for hair extension application has advanced, and continues to do so as product advancements continue to get only better. But there is still some bad rep around hair extensions, so we’ve worked down the top 5 myth busters to clear this up. 


1. Hair extensions prevent my hair from growing 


It’s common to think that by having hair extensions applied to your hair that this will prevent natural hair growth. This is simply not true. In fact, Great Length hair extensions allow your natural hair to grow within each bond, as the keratin bond expands and contracts with the natural movement of your hair, eliminating any trauma to the strand. 


2. You can see hair extensions


If you’re concerned about your extensions showing, Great Lengths is one of the most natural and disguisable extension types on the market. Renee, our leading hair extension specialist, will colour match you prior any application commences to ensure each strand works with the natural low-lights and high-lights in your hair. The bond itself is merely invisible, and the application process is one of the most subtle ways to have hair extensions. 


 3. They get tangled and knotted 

Not if you take care of them, just as you would your natural hair. Brushing regularly, using  the right products <hyperlinked to products page>  and sleeping with your hair in a loose low pony will do wonders to keep your hair in check. GL hair extensions are real hair! You need to care for them as you would your natural hair to prevent any tangling and knotting. 


4. They’re difficult to maintain 

Extensions aren’t as high maintenance as you think. Great Lengths can last up to 6-months with natural growth. That's 2x a year for salon visits especially if you have a low maintenance hair colour. And if you like to colour and lighten your hair regularly, our expert colourists work around the extensions and bonds to ensure your roots also stay fresh for longer. 


5. They damage my hair and it’ll fall out

Wrong! GL extensions do not damage your natural hair. The bond technology and application is one of the most advanced methods on the market. Each strand of your natural hair is cocooned in our nourishing keratin bond, which is breathable to adapt to the natural contraction and expansion of your hair, allowing your hair to be flexible with the extensions without suffocation.. As each strand is individually applied, there’s no tension caused with the weight of the hair, like some other hair extensions can do.


We only apply GL hair extensions as these are the most advanced hair extension types on the market, essentially damage free to your natural hair.


If you’re still wondering if these are right for you, book in with Renee today.

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