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Best Products for your Hair Extensions

You’ve just got your new Great Length extensions applied and they feel amazing. And no wonder; Great Lengths hair is the leading hair extension on the market. Our hair has never been coloured or bleached, is remy grade, meaning all of the hair cuticles face the same direction for a tangle-free smooth finish, and are double drawn, which is where shorter strands are removed ensuring that every strands length is even. The combination of these features is what classifies this product as premium hair extensions. 


So how do you keep your extensions in the same amazing condition from leaving the salon to returning for your next application? Easy. We have a range of products which will help maintain not only the quality and life of your Great Lengths extensions, but ensure the health of your natural hair is maximised in the process. 


Our cannot live without products are:

GL Anti-tap water

Our anti-tap water concentrate is the key product to maintain the health and quality of your extensions. The key ingredient, panethonel provides moisture to the hair and supports its flexibility and natural bounce. The keratin-amino acids and biotin replace the missing nutrients that your extensions do not receive from your scalp. It is also filled with an abundance of nutrients that prevent free radicals and natural environmental burdens that can damage the hair. This is also an amazing product for your natural hair, preventing build up of any unwanted residue from years of other product use, and keeps you natural hair healthy and strong. 


2. Sebastian Professional Hydre Shampoo 

This is a deep cleanser that intensely hydrates dry and frizzy hair. It is our go to for a professional moisturising shampoo. It allows the hair to have a silky movement and full-bodied volume. The perfect product for colour and chemically treated hair, as well as our virgin extensions. 


3. Sebastian Professional Hydre Conditioner

This product is great to use as a moisturising mask that deeply hydrates dry and chemically treated hair, helping the hair regain its natural and healthy appearance and maintaining the quality of the hair. 

It is so important to nourish the hair with a top quality conditioning product that doesn't weigh down the hair.


View our full range of conditioners 


4. Cloud 9 

Styling your hair with heat application is a key factor into why our hair becomes so damaged. You can be doing all the right things, but if you are using heat products too frequently on your hair, often more than twice a week, it is time to cut back. The Cloud 9, is still one of the most premium heat styling irons on the market. The technology is so advanced, we are yet to see a better competitor on the market. It includes ceramic mineral-infused floating plates which minimise the drag and friction on the hair when styling to prevent pulling to create split ends and breakage. The touch iron has two temperature settings, 165 and 195 degrees, so you can choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type, and the original iron has several temperature settings to choose from to really tailor the temperature for your hair. 


5. Water Killer Dry Shampoo 

The best trick for all hair types between washes is to use a quality dry shampoo. This overall prevents you from over-washing your natural oils out of your hair, which are healthy in providing your natural hair the nutrients it needs to grow, and also prevents overuse of heat styling. If you style your hair with heat application once a week with the right products and use a quality dry shampoo between washes, this will pave the best long term care for your hair growth without compromise on appearance. 


All of our hair growth and care tips and tricks are shared with our clients in their appointments as part of our completely tailored hair plan and process for you.

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