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Great Lengths Hair Extensions vs Other brands

Great Lengths hair extensions are by far the most exclusive product on the market as far as extensions go. They’re the extensions of the celebs and for good reason. But what makes this product a level above the rest you may wonder? Their unique application process, ethical source and trade, colour selection and high grade quality, they really are a hard brand to beat.

Let’s break it down for you:


The Great Lengths Application 

We encapsulate individual strands of hair within our molecular keratin bond. This expands and contracts with the lifecycle of your hair, allowing your hair to be flexible with the extensions without suffocation. Other generic extensions are either applied to larger clumps of hair with invasive material such as glue or beads causing tugging and pulling, and no breathability. With Great lengths there’s no tension caused with the weight of the hair, as an equal amount of the hair extension is applied to the strand. 


Ethically Sourced

All our extensions are ethically sourced only from verified temples in India where the donors willingly give up their hair in a process called ‘tonsuring’. The temple then sells the hair to Great Lengths and the funds are put back towards the community. This transaction is direct, 100% traceable and ethical. 

This hair is then sent to Italy and is tested under an electron microscope to ensure it has never been dyed, bleached or chemically treated in any way. This ensures that clients are receiving only the best quality virgin hair. 

 Other hair extension brands have no trace of where the hair has come from, or how it has been made. This often leads to cheaper, and lower quality hair with unethical trade. 


Colour selection 

We have a huge range of colours that we match to the exact highlights and lowlights in your natural hair or previously coloured tone. Because we don;t attach the hair as a single row, we have more options for creating tonal depth for your colour match, preventing any grow-out embarrassment like other extensions can cause with block colours. 


Remy hair 


Not all hair extensions are remy - meaning all the cuticles face the same way. This ensures the hair will not matt or tangle, giving you the highest durability of the extension. Other brands are not remy, which are often cheaper, however more inclined to get tangled, knotted and damaged, meaning you will need to have these replaced more frequently, costing more in the long run. 

We have been in the business for a while, almost two decades to be exact, and have seen the horrors of other brands of  extensions being applied either incorrectly, or just the product failing the client completely. We have never had an unhappy customer who has walked away with light, flowing, and natural as can be Great Lengths hair extensions, which makes us so sure we have poured our soul into the right brand to deliver the best hair extension experience for all our clients. 


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