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Colour Blend Hair Extensions

This is one of our clients greatest concerns when it comes to having hair extensions; will people be able to see my hair extensions? To put simply, the answer is a big NO with Renee Yates Hair Extensions & Great Lengths. 


GL extensions 

The advancement of hair extensions has come a long way over the years. While there are still a variety of extensions on the market which are more inclined to visibility especially as they grow out, with Great Legnths extensions this is completely avoidable as each strand is attached with a discrete keratin bond close to your scalp and designed so that we can not only directly colour match to the variety of lowlights and highlights you have in your hair, but the grow out is seamless from root to tip. 


The consultation 

Our consultation is the most important part of the process to colour match your hair to the right shade of extensions. We always ask for full transparency on your hair history and for us to be able to contact your existing hairdresser so we can work together on the perfect match, or simply just let us take over your colour and application as a whole. 


Colour matching 

We have over 100 shades on the market for Great Legnth extensions, meaning, we will be able to find your exact match. When we approach your colour matching we are not only looking at the lowlights and highlights in your hair, but we take into consideration the natural root shade and tones of your hair as well. Our ombre or rooted selections are perfect for our blonde girls who have a darker root shade, or prefer a root shadow so the grow-out of your blonde extension is virtually seamless to the natural growth of your natural hair. 


The blend 

The cut of your extensions is just as important as the colour matching itself. The cut is what allows us to blend the hair extension into the natural shape of your hair, with keeping as much of the hair extensions body, length,  and weight as possible. The cut also allows any underlying dimensions of our colour blends to shine through, giving you a final look as natural as possible. 


Our Renee Yates Extension techniques ensure that your Great Lengths hair extensions perfectly match your existing colour. 


If you are unsure if Great Lengths are right for you, reach out to one of our friendly team and book your consultation with us today.

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