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Keratin Bonds vs Other Hair Extension Methods

A major factor when deciding to get extensions is which application to choose. With so many varieties - tape, clip ins, weave, glue, bonds - it’s hard to know the right fit for your hair. Luckily we can take the guesswork out of choosing extensions. 

Renee has over 14 years experience working with specialist hair extension methods, with even more time spent not only working with Great Lengths extensions (the highest quality product and application on the market) but also educating and training others on GL application.

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The Great Lengths Synthesised Keratin Bond

Great Lengths introduced and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesised keratin bond polymer on the market. This technology has been adopted by many brands since, however, any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a "keratin" bond, regardless of whether it offers any functional benefit. The Great Lengths Synthesised Keratin Bond molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic human hair, which allows the bond to expand and contract with the natural hair. This feature is not available in other hair bonding compounds and is exclusive to Great Lengths, which is why Renee and the team love the brand so much and recommend GL keratin bonds over all other methods. 


What Makes Great Lengths Synthesised Keratin Bond Unique?

By mimicking the natural structure of human hair, our GL extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair. The application process involves using a progressive heat transfer to molecularly bond the extension to your natural hair. Each bond is applied individually to ensure extra care and strategic placement. 

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The Benefits of Using Keratin Bonds for Hair Extensions

The keratin bonds are made from a protein that is similar to the hair's natural protein, they are less likely to cause damage or damage to the natural hair while still being a durable, long lasting application. This is unlike methods such as tape or clip-ins which, though easy to apply and remove, are more likely to slip or fall. 

Another advantage is that the keratin bonds can be styled and treated just like natural hair, and the extensions can be washed, dyed, and heat-styled without damage. They are also easy to remove without causing damage to the natural hair. Extensions that are sewn or glued, on the other hand, are more likely to cause damage to the natural hair, especially if applied poorly or not maintained properly.

Overall, keratin bonds are a popular and effective method of hair extension because they are durable, natural-looking, and easy to maintain. Renee and the team take extra care from the very start to apply gorgeous extensions with keratin bonds that will look and feel great, and last!

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