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Why we trust our product: The Journey of Great Lengths Hair from Source to Salon

Renee Yates Hair is committed to providing a high quality, professional hair extension service for our clients. At the heart of this is our product. Great Lengths hair extensions are one of a kind in the hair extension industry. Their colour selection and high grade quality alone make them the most valued and exclusive product on the market, however it is their sourcing that truly sets them apart from the rest.

We use GL with the knowledge that every step of their production is traceable from source to salon. The company is completely transparent with every step of their process, and are passionate in ensuring the product is handled with great care at every stage. This gives us the confidence that we are using the safest, most sustainable and ethical product for our clients.


Unique Origins

Great Lengths’ origins are what makes them unique to other, poorer quality extensions.

The hair is sourced from Indian temples where donors willingly participate in a religious practice known as ‘tonsuring’ where they shave their heads as an act of devotion. GL has established trust-based relationships with three specific temples where this ritual is carried out. The temples provide the hair to Great Lengths in exchange for funds, which are then used to support the temple's operations and benefit the local community. 


Gentle Processing

In addition to their ethical origins, GL is proud to be the only hair extension company that is toxic chemical-free. Where other, poorer quality brands use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach derivatives, GL uses osmosis baths to gently lift pigment from the hair over a longer period of time, meaning the hair is free from bonded chemicals that would traditionally be used in colour processing. Their special process for re-pigmentation is done without hair colour, peroxide or bleach, which means the colour doesn’t fade and the hair structure, texture and condition is maintained. This dedicated colour treatment process means we are confident that our clients are receiving beautifully coloured extensions without compromising on quality or texture.


Handcrafted in Italy

Great Lengths hair extensions are crafted with precision and skill. Following the osmosis and re-pigmentation process, colour specialists in Rome expertly blend and match each bundle of hair to achieve a natural and authentic look. The extensions are then hand brushed to ensure that only the ideal lengths are used in the final product. The result is an extension that is not only beautiful but also made with the highest level of craftsmanship and manual skill.


Remy Hair Classification

Unlike poorer quality extensions, GL is classified as remy hair, which is characterised by having all the cuticles facing the same direction. This results in a smooth and tangle-free look. To achieve this, the hair is kept in its original bundles throughout the entire process. Unlike Remy hair, non-Remy hair used for extensions is often treated with harsh acids to remove the cuticles, which causes the hair to become opaque and brittle. It also makes it more prone to tangling. To make it look healthy, the hair is coated with a silicon layer, which gives it a shiny appearance. But this coating only lasts a short while and after a few washes, the hair will appear dull and brittle again.

The expert skill and craftsmanship that goes into each GL product means clients at Renee Yates hair not only receive beautiful, colour perfected strands, but hair that maintains a smooth, healthy look and feel, that is free of damage and harsh chemicals. With transparency at every step of the production process, Great Lengths is without a doubt, the most sustainable, high quality, ethical and eco-friendly product on the market - the only choice for our valued clients.

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