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By La Biosthétique

Shampooing Apaisant For Dandruff

Shampooing Apaisant For Dandruff

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Anti-dandruff shampoo for sensitive scalp.Calms and gently cleanses the highly sensitive, scaly scalp. An effective complex of natural ingredients works on the microflora of the scalp to reduce dandruff-triggering microbes. An anti-inflammatory phyto complex of plant active ingredients such as mimosa and horse chestnut calms the irritated, itchy skin. The hair regains its natural vitality.

• Clears 100% of dandurff after first us

• Extremely effective for chronic danduff sufferers

• Suitable for dandruff sufferers whose flakes are large, waxy or accompanied by irritation of the scalp ie. Seborrheic dermatitis

• An effective complex that features natural ingredients to work on the microflora of the scalp reduces dandruff-triggering microbes

• Active ingredient complex of pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa revitalises and stabilises the scalp and actively prevents the formation of new dandruff. The scalp is clear, balanced and resistant.

• Deep-action anti-dandruff therapy for instant calming of stress reactions and lasting normalisation of hyperactive scalps

• For long-term breaking of the cycle of dandruff, must be used with Lotion Apaisant

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